As a school, Our vision is to groom young ones academically and morally so that they can be relevant and stand out in the society especially in this era of moral decadence. We wish to achieve this by conscientiously instilling in our children values and giving them the necessary academic training that will help them to excel.

Below are Our stated Disciplinary Policy which must be adhere to by all Students:

A student on school uniform is expected to put on white socks and black shoes. While that of Sport wear is white socks and canvas using the School approved Shoes and Uniforms Only.

Low cut (skin tight) is our recommended hair cut while a female who chooses to plait her hair must obey the school official hair styles.

It is a distraction to learning so it is not allowed in the school premises.

Only simple and correct English is allowed among teachers and students.

Our School assembly is held at 7:45 am; school gate usually opens at 6:30 am while students should be in school between the hours of 7:00am to 7:45 am.

Project, craft, colouring art, law and ICT are the major Extra curricular general subjects to be offered by all Students. Parents are to support their children so that they can do well.

We place so much emphasis and strictly attendance policy for all parents to attend the meeting of school management and parents where issues and suggestions are been welcomed for the development of our Candidates.

We believe so much in Spirituality growth and that’s the fundamental reason we held our fellowship It is usually every Tuesday and Thursday. Fasting and prayers are organized but not mandatory for Pupils.

Students go on excursion as scheduled every session.