As a standard school we are proud to provide the highest possible standard of education to our students.The school’s objective is not to arbitrarily exclude students but rather to select the most suitable applicants based on the school’s assessment criteria.


At Academic Domain Montessori, We provide standard opportunities for our students to study the broadest possible range of subjects and we acquire a variety of important practical and academic skills for their Development and Academic Performance.


Extra- curricular Activities To enrich all of our student’s education and to encourage team-building, fitness and friendship, other extracurricular activities such as Excursions, Football games, ICT Training etc. are made available at a nominal fee.


In Academic Domain we emphasize that parents are a child’s primary educators and therefore encourages parents to contribute immensely to their child’s learning process. Parent partnerships are keys to a successful Early Years experience for children and for them to gain the most out of their early education and reach expected levels of development.


We hold students to high standards both in academics and behavior. We continually communicate to our students the importance of maintaining the highest possible standards in all aspects of school life.


Kindly browse through our gallery showing some of the beautifully captured moments from our past events. Both as Captured in the School and During our extra-curricular activities/excursions. We are also delighted to invite you visit our school office for others..


We have four main methods of assessment: and All assessment scores are clearly indicated on student reports,

so parents are fully aware of their child’s progress as highlighted Below –

All our Pupils and Students are given their respective class Project/Research at the end of every term which is to be submitted at the beginning of the following term.

This is been conducted at the fourth week after resumption.

This is been conducted at the eighth week after resumption.

In each of the three school terms.