I sincerely, welcome you to Academic Domain Montessori. A school located at 1, Osayi close off Igbinose Street, Iguomo Qrts, is an institution founded in line with the word of God.  Our school is government approved and adheres strictly to set government standards and our teaching and learning activities are based on the curriculum provided by the ministry of Education.
Our vision is to groom young ones academically and morally so that they can be relevant and stand out in the society especially in this era of moral decadence. We wish to achieve this by conscientiously instilling in our children values and giving them the necessary academic training that will help them to excel. Our activities are vast, ranging from teaching to sports, arts, club activities and other activities which we organised within or at the end of the term to educate, entertain and keep our learners in tune with the latest trend in the educational system.

Evang., Ugbomode F.N. (Mrs)
School Administrator